Count your Blessing’s, God’s still on His Throne!

This past July marked the six year anniversary of my wife Deb, daughter Samantha, and myself arriving here @ CGBC.

To say it’s been an interesting or exciting journey would be a huge understatement.  To say we’ve been blessed by the experience wouldn’t quite do it justice either.

Six years ago when we arrived @ CGBC our lives were 3 grandchildren, many Brother’s & Sister’s in Christ, a Son-in-law, and countless blessings short of where we find ourselves today!

Now life being what it is, not every experience of the last six years has been pleasant, but, God being Who He is, has used every experience to serve a purpose in our lives!

So, as we come into this season of the year where almost everyone stops to count their blessings, lets let the first blessing we acknowledge be; our God; the very One who gave Himself for us, is and always will be on His throne!

Pastor Bob

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